¿Why we are protesting? #MexicoVaADespertar

What is happening in Mexico? Freedom of expression is in danger.


To the worlds public opinion, from Mexico:

The afternoon of June 10, 2013, in Mexico’s capital, a rally/manifestation that demanded justice after 42 years of  the “Halconazo”, where special repressive forces of the state attacked surviving students of the movement in 1968, were they were brutally repressed and killed by Mexican police,was also suppressed unlawfuly.

After a violent expulsion from the main square of Mexico City, the Zocalo, 29 protesters were arrested, including journalists and cameramen.
Two people were seriously injured.



Since the confrontation in December 1st 2013, when the Mexican police had to release after several days in prison, 114 prisoners when their arrests and trials have been proven arbitrary and illegal, this is the third event where, despite the recommendations of the Commission on Human Rights of the Federal District (CDHDF )

The police repeated the same abuses:

Encapsulation or kettling, banned in several countries.
Attacks by the police and infiltrates with stones at the demonstrators.
Arbitrary arrests of passersby.



Freedom of expression in danger.

It should be noted that:

On May 1, 2013, during a peaceful protest at the facilities of a television company, Televisa, the same methods were used by the police.

The 1st of June, 2013, during a peaceful march heading towards “Los Pinos” (official residence of the President of Mexico) Police intercepted and assaulted peaceful demonstrators, directly inside the wagons of the Metro Tacubaya.



In June the 4th during a solidarity soiree, dedicated to the memory of 49 grandchildren burned in a fire at the ABC nursery in Hermosillo, Sonora, and to show the level of impunity and corruption that was obvious in the treatment of this “could have been avoided” tragedy by the authorities, the lights of the Angel of Independence, were extinguished by the police and the government of the capital city to avoid the protester to express.

Then, an ill oriented campaign in social networks was orchestrated by the state, denigrating against the parents of dead children.

It led to silence the protest as not to be echoed in foreign or national media.

In Nuevo Leon State, northern Mexico, the government passed a law allowing the imprisonment of users of social networks that are accused of “harassment”

Enrique Peña Nieto President issued a bill that spot and represses so called “terrorism events” and social events such as those of teachers protesting in the south part of the country in April this year.

Mexico is experiencing an escalation of violence and attacks against freedom of expression and other very serious events, having to do with corruption, repression, weapons, and mass control.

As a result:

We ask for solidarity, support and the support of NGOs, international media, bloggers, free thinkers and citizens around the world to put their eyes on our country, Mexico, and help us guarantee freedom of expression and a return to a righteous state without represion, without corruption and constant abuses to human rights from authorities and their represive gear.



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